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This is the museum’s workshop, where most of the motorcycles are restored to (or maintained in) their original condition. Naturally, motorcycles or motorcycle parts that are in original condition are the most valued in our museum, but they often come to us in fairly poor shape. Before we begin work on any motorcycle, we carefully study all its elements and if there is any ambiguity, we research and explore until we are certain of the right direction before we restore a single part.

No detail is too small: is the color right, are the hand painted lines where they should be, is this screw of the right shape? We are so committed to the appropriate restoration of antique motorcycles that even the tools and machinery in our workshop are vintage. And of course, restoring a vehicle or an object of any kind is possible only if the person doing the work is in love with old objects and also has a vast knowledge of historically accurate procedures and materials.


Have a look at some of the parts we are able to make in our workshops. Everything is possible; from tin marts to machined special parts and complex castings in almost any material.


Beside restoring motorcycles and cars for our private collection we carry out the highest standard restorations also for our customers. If you have a special vehicle feel free to contact us.

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