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Ner-A-Car "C" 350

Ner-A-Car "C" 350

During WW1 American Carl Neracher designed a motorcycle that should be clean, easy to operate, stable, comfortable and reliable. He came up with an unusual machine that was constructed more like a car than  like a motorcycle; it had no frame but a chassis made of beams,  221 cc two stroke engine, friction drive and hub-centre steering. 
In 1919 he signed an agreement with the British Sheffield Simplex firm to produce the Neracar for England and its Colonies, excepting Canada. Production started in 1921.
In 1923 the model B with larger front mudguard and 285 cc engine was brought out in England.
A year later the model C came out, powered by a 350 cc Blackburne engine and fitted with a conventional clutch and gearbox.
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